Letter from the Owner of United Reservation Services:

I want to congratulate you and thank you for your confidence in United Reservation Services (URS). I am Samuel Frenkil (“Sam”), the principal owner of United Reservation Services. It is important to me that you know an important business philosophy that I adopted over 25 years ago, and which is fundamental to the way we will serve you in URS:

“Perfect Customer Service With Absolute Integrity”

This is a powerful statement, and a crucial commitment to each and every person or business relationship by United Reservation Services.

URS and our team are proud to be selected to service all of your travel needs, one vacation at a time. We want every vacation that you and your family take to be unique, special, and a good value. Please know that you are in good hands and your dreams will become a reality as long as you remember our theme “Make Us URS”, which is also our web site: (www.MakeUsURS.com). The owners and operators of U.R.S have had over 21 years of experience in this industry and know exactly what customers want and they pride themselves on delivering Perfect Customer Service With Absolute Integrity.

My company, Frenkil Consultants, Inc., is the owner of in United Reservation Services (URS). Prior to founding my company, I spent over 30 years working at Frito-Lay and PepsiCo, Inc., the final 15 as Director of Business Services and Facilities, reporting directly to senior management. I assure you that I know what makes the public and customer feel valued and satisfied, and we practice those principles at URS. My wife Judith, son Matthew, and daughter, Rachel, live in Plano, Texas, a large suburb of Dallas.

I was introduced to the travel club industry in 1991, when my wife Judith and I attended a timeshare presentation. We loved everything about the concept, but when it came to the servicing of my vacations, the company did not perform customer service well at all. I expected better service, and far better integrity, but I did not get it.

Since that point in our lives, I knew that when I retired from Frito-Lay/PepsiCo I would only be involved organizations that met these high standards. When we started URS, I made sure to put in place an exceptional sales team and the best travel agents in the country to fulfill our clients’ vacations. We have created our servicing house in San Diego to find the vacations and handle the bookings of www.MakeUsUrs.com.

If you are considering being part of our family, I ask you to question two things:

Am I going to vacation in the future?

How much time do I spend trying to search for vacations on line?

If you don’t want to pay retail anymore for your vacations, and want a full service travel agency to cater to your every need for you and your entire family. United Reservation Services is the one company that will deliver for you the best results. From the minute you join our family, you will never have to book your vacations again. We will take each and every request for a vacation and treat you like we would treat my own family. We will make those reservations with perfect customer service with absolute integrity.

Since URS is a private member based travel agency, it is not open to the general public. We have put sales teams in place and we go to public.

If you are interested in finding one of our sales offices, to become part of our family, please call us at 1-877-840-5535 and we will schedule an appointment to meet with us.

Thank you for your interest in United Reservation Services (URS). Remember I personally stand by this product and we will always operate our company in such a way as to provide you with:


We are honored that you have given us the opportunity to “Make Us URS”. I doubt that we will ever let you down.

Samuel M. Frenkil